Yamaha S3000

Yamaha proudly offers this new high-end lineup, the 3000 series, delivering supreme quality in every way.

Sound Direction

The goal: To express the deepest emotions of the artist, to touch and move the hearts of listeners, and to deliver the utmost pleasure in the music. The S3000 series was born from this passion. In order to make this a reality, we designed the A-S3000 Integrated Amplifier literally from the ground up.
Profoundly accurate sound with the full expressive power of the music. Exceptional sonic purity, elimination of signal loss—in an exquisite, elegant design. The supreme culmination of the Yamaha line—the A-S3000.
In creating the CD-S3000 CD Player, we took strict, thorough steps to eliminate vibrations in the disc drive mechanism, which is the key instrument in reading the audio signals.

Rigid Streamlined Construction

Rigid Streamlined Construction— provides strict anti-vibration protection, and enables shortest cabling routes
Large toroidal transformer, solidly mounted with independent three-dimensional inner frame
Comprehensive low impedance design, shortened signal paths and copper-plated chassis
Six mm thick top panel made of non-magnetic aluminium plate

Meticulously designed and beautiful in appearance—just like a musical instrument

As befits a top-end audio component, the A-S3000 gives off the presence of a fine musical instrument, with absolutely no screws or fasteners that can be seen from the outside. Every single aspect of its construction and design exudes master craftsmanship and reflects an obsession with quality—a truly musical quality possible only for Yamaha, a world class musical instrument manufacturer.

Exquisite, large level meters reflect the dynamics in the music
Obsessive, meticulous switch design— elaborate, richly textured, easy-to-use
Remote control with simple design and superior texture

Yamaha S3000
Yamaha S3000
Yamaha S3000
Yamaha A-S3000
Yamaha CD-S3000