VPL-HW50ES Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector

Outstanding bright, sharp and crisp cinema picture quality in your own home
Full HD 3D Home Cinema projector with SXRD panels , " Reality Creation" and an outstanding dynamic contrast ratio
Crisp, bright picture quality with "Reality Creation" and Bright Cinema/TV Modes
Dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with Advanced Iris3 and Contrast Enhancer
Smoother-looking motion with Motionflow
VPL-HW50ES/B is black - also available in white


Reality Creation – Super Resolution Function - The colour&texture of the original 1080p signal is reproduced by restoring missing data lost during packaging of the original contents to disc, for sharp/crisp Full HD images
Sony’s SXRD Panel Technology - The VPL-HW50ES/B uses Sony’s unique SXRD 3 Panel Display System for a dot-free display, vivid colours and true dynamic contrast ratio.
1,700 lumens brightness with faithful colour reproduction - With improved light efficiency of the lamp and an optimised optical block, giving much brighter and clearer images in well-lit living rooms.
Bright Cinema and Bright TV Mode for living room theatre - With optical block and signal processing improvements to enjoy bright, crisp images even when viewing in a well-lit room.
Contrast Enhancer Function - This compensates for dark and bright parts of an image by analysing the signal component of each scene in real time to ensure that the optical contrast is obtained.
Advanced Iris3 - This contrast enhancement works like the human eye, responding dynamically to the level of light in each scene, always selecting the optimum contrast.
Motionflow - This creates smoother-looking motion and a more cinema-like appearance.
Dynamic Lamp Control Technology - An optimal 3D visual experience with no loss of brightness and maximum picture impact.
Built-in 3D Transmitter - Opening and closing of the lens shutter can be sychronised with the 3D glasses lens due to the built-in 3D synchronous transmitter.
Improved Panel Alignment Function - The VPL-HW50ES/B is configured with a function that compensates for gaps in character or colour management.
Extremely Low Fan Noise (21dB) - Through a highly efficient cooling system, fan noise is suppressed to a mere 21dB.
Reduced 3D Cross-talk with 240hz Panel Drive - The SXRD panels refresh at a very high rate of 240Hz, resulting in very low cross-talk from the frame-sequential 3D system for more realistic viewing.
Flexible 3D setting mode - The 3D glasses shutter speed and brightness level can be adjusted. The 3D depth on the VPL-HW50ES/B is also adjustable.
Separate 2D and 3D modes - Allows pre-selecton of separate parameters under a variety of application modes. It also automatically recognises 2D or 3D input.
2D to 3D conversion - This extremely effective process vastly increases the amount of material that can be viewed in 3D mode.

VPL-HW50ES Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector
VPL-HW50ES Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector