Projectors 3D Sim2 M.150

Projectors 3D Sim2 M.150

A different entertaining system
SIM2's SUPER PureLED Technology
0.95" 1080p DarkChip4 single-chip DMD by Texas Instruments
LED typical life estimated around 30,000 hours
Visit the new SIM2 M.150 website to discover the latest evolution of the M.150 system.

SIM2 is proud to introduce the world’s first active 3D LED Full HD DLP-based Projector for Video Interior Design System: the M.150.
This system is the result of years of intense research and passion offering a new concept, integrating entertainment with interior design.
The concept is simple: inspire creativity and add vitality to the home by painting with light and images. Whether it’s personal photographs, art, mood lighting, or movies, this system delivers stunning visual pleasure, and ignites the senses. As the world’s first 3D active LED video interior design system, this is a one-of-kind solution for discerning customers who desire a unique way to enhance the beauty of their home: a window of light created with cutting-edge projection technology.
M.150 utilizes the Super PureLED and active 3D technologies.
The video processing electronics are the same as those used in SIM2’s high-end LUMIS 3D-S 3-chip series and offer the same optimized picture modes for 2D and 3D viewing: PureMovie, PureMotion 2D and PureMotion 3D."
SUPER PureLED technology is a true all-digital system, with a trio of LEDs (red, green and blue) acting as both light and color source for the DLP® chipset.
The purity of color and the ability of this technology to deliver light as and when it is needed provide the M.150 with the ability to produce rich, dynamic and colorful images. A 0.95” DarkChip4 DLP® chipset, M optical light engine and SIM2 processing electronics complete the feature list of Super PureLED technology. M.150 has 1,000 lumens light output and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with DynamicBlack™.
Visit the new SIM2 M.150 website to discover the latest evolution of the M.150 system.


Technology 1 chip DMD 0.95” darkchip 4 chipset by Texas Instruments
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Contrast ratio (Full ON/ Full OFF) > 100.000:1
Lighting system SUPER Pure Led
Lamp average life time* 30.000 hours*
Color gamut >128% NTSC, >180% Rec. 709


Throw ratio 1.5-2.1:1 (T1 standard lens);
2.1-3.9:1 (T2 optional lens)
0.675:1 (Short Throw lens)
Motorized Lens shift V +60% / - 25%, H +/-8%
Digital keystone adjustment Vertical and Horizontal
Picture size (inches diagonal) 65-250
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments


Horiz. & vertical scan frequency 15-80kHz/48-120Hz;
Video and Graphic standards PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC 3,58; NTSC 4,43 automatically selected;
HDTV ATSC (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p); EU 576p + 1080i 50Hz + 1080@24Hz;
Video processor built in
Special video adjustments Noise Reduction, Luma and Chroma transition filters
Other special adjustments Dynamic Black technology, Memories, Zoom/Crop, Color temperature control and Gamma Functions


Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x S-Video (mini Din 4 pin)
1 x Component Input (3x RCA)
1 x RGBHV/YCrCb (1x D-Sub 15 pin)
Digital 2 x HDMI – HDCP compliant
Control RJ-45 (Ethernet port)
USB-A type socket for USB to Wi-Fi Adapter (dedicated USB to Wi-Fi adapter provided)
USB-B type socket (for FW download)
x D-Sub 9-pins male RS-232
Miscellaneous 1 x Wired remote (3.5mm Mini Jack)
2 x OUT 12V (via DC Jack)

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