Mipro MRM70 - ACT30H


ACT-30H Handheld Transmitte

Extremely rugged, ergonomically designed housing.
Proprietary multi-layered impact-resistant metal grill protects capsule against rolling and pop noises. The grill can be easily detached for cleaning and hygiene practices.
Shock absorbing fine steel mesh inner grill is utilized instead of traditional foam to protect capsule, minimizes pop noise and ensures vocal clarity.
Interchangeable microphone capsule modules are available. A condenser or dynamic capsule to suit personal preference.
Premium true condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.
Quality dynamic microphone capsule provides low handling & hitting noise characteristics.
Proprietary lockable silent on/off switch to avoid accidental power-off during performance.
Impact-resistant battery compartment holds 2 AA batteries.
Highly reliable capsule contacts prevent contact problems, signal dropouts and noises.
Interchangeable colored rings for microphone channel identification on stage.
LCD displays group, channel, battery level & error message codes.
Low spurious PLL-synthesized technology enhances frequency stability and reliability.
One-touch ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically.
Maximum 140dB SPL is achieved by the proprietary high dynamic range modulation circuitry.

MRM-70 Single-Channel Diversity Receiver Module

The modular receiver design allows for fast and easy installation or replacement of MIPRO MA-705, MA-707, MA-708 and MA-808 portable PA systems. Installation or replacement takes less than a minute.

ACT-30T Bodypack Transmitter

Rugged Plastic
LCD Display
LCD displays working band-code, group, channel, frequency, AF input gain, RF output power, mute & lock status, battery status and error codes.
Oscillation Mode
PLL Synthesized
Frequency Range
UHF 480~934MHz
Channel Set-Up
ACT Sync
RF Output Power
10~50mW (switchable)
Spurious Emissions
Max. Input Level
MU-13, MU-23, MU-210, MU-53L, MU-55L, MU-53HN, MU-55HN
Mute Connector
Optional MJ-70 remote mute switch
2 AA alkaline
63(W)×82(H)x22(D)mm / 2.5(W)x3.2(H)x0.9(D)"
Approx. 81g / 2.9oz (excluding batteries)
Patents & Approvals
Patented. Telecom and safety regulations approved.
Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy.
Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.

MRM-70 Single-Channel Diversity Receiver Module

Frequency Range
UHF 480~934MHz
Oscillation Mode
PLL synthesized
Preset Channels
Receiving Mode
CPU-controlled Diversity Receiving
Squelch Control
"PiloTone & NoiseLock" dual-squelch circuit
Display Status
Channel, RF & audio meters, interference warning indicator & Sensitivity adjustor.
6dBμV, at S/N>80dB
Spurious Emissions
Frequency Response
60Hz~15KHz (Overall system)
S/N Ratio
<0.5% @ 1KHz (Dev.=40KHz)
AF Output
610mV rms
Power Supply
12~15V DC
Current Consumption
<190 mA
Operating Temperature
75(W)×35(H)×141(D)mm / 3.0(W)x1.4(H)x5.6(D)"
126g / 4.4oz

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