C220 Preamplifiers

C220 allows for electronic, independent level adjustment for each of the eight source inputs via the front panel or remote control.

Channel balance is electronically adjusted and stored in memory. A moving magnet phono stage incorporates time-proven 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes, for simplicity and superior performance. C220 have low-distortion bass and treble controls, invaluable for older recordings, provide a wide range of tonal adjustment and may be bypassed when not needed. This versatile Preamplifier provides connection for various input sources and outputs to drive multiple Power amplifiers.

General Specifications
Output MetersNo

Circuit DesignVacuum Tube

BalancedSingle Ended

Front Panel StylingNew

Chassis Cover PanelsSteel

Balanced Input2

Balanced Record0

Balanced Outputs1 Main

Input Sources8 Programmable

Optical Controlled, 213 Step, Volume AttenuatorYes, 2 Stage Precision Divider, + 0.05 dB

Blue Display for Vol & Input Select16 Character Alpha Numeric

Input Level MatchYes

HT Pass-ThruNo

MM PhonoYes

MC PhonoNo

AM-FM Tuner Bay-

List. & Rec. Switching-

IR Remote Control-

Electromagnetic Input SwitchingYes

All 1% Metal Film ResistorsYes
0.5% Phono EQYes

Extra Wide Dynamic RangeYes, 8 Volts unbalanced, 16 Volts balanced

Pwr Amp or Acc "ON" Outputs2

Pwr Strip "ON" Out2

EqualizerBass and Treble

Processor LoopNo

Tube Saver Circuit-

Soft MuteYes

Ultra Low Distortion0.08%

LightingLED Fiber Optic

Gold ConnectorsYes

Regulated Power SupplyYes

Data Output PortsYes, 8

Shielded Power TransformerR-Core

Headphone OutYes, 1/4"

Ext. IR Sensor JackYes

Dimensions (W x H x D)17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 6" (15.24cm) (including feet) x 18" (45.72cm) (including front panel, knobs and cables)

Weight21.1 lbs., (9.59 kg)

Shipping Weight37.5 lbs., (17.05 kg)

Shipping and delivery:

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