PARBAR 4 Way kit Liveset

PARBAR 4 Way kit Liveset


4-projector bar with built-in strobes and wireless footswitch. Designed for stages, animation and colourful events 
LIVESET features 4 projectors, for a total of 12 RGB LEDs and 9 Watts per LED, in addition to the 4 built-in strobes. It is entirely dedicated to stages, animation and colourful events. 
It is the absolute projector to flood the room with colours wherever you use it – stages, clubs, ambient lighting, thanks to its incredible colour rendering. 
LIVESET features many built-in programs (3 music-sensitive shows and 3 automatic shows) available both in automatic and manual modes, and an internal microphone for improved sound reactions. 
And of course, all of its effects can be configured via DMX: fixed colours, strobe effects, colour variations or dynamic effects… You have full control over each RGB projector and the 4 strobe LEDs.

  • Stunning colours
  • Adjustable projectors
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Protective cover and tripod supplied
  • One footswitch can control 2 Liveset
  • Light sources:
    - 12 x 9W RGB LEDs
    - 4 x1W White LEDs (stroboscope)

    • Life expectancy of approximately 30.000 hours
    • Low temperature, low power consumption, can be operated non-stop for many hours

    1, 4, 18 or 19 DMX channels:
    - Preset shows
    - Built-in programs
    - Individual colour control
    - Control each strobe LEDs
    - Music-sensitive

    - DMX
    - Independent
    - Music-sensitive

    • Master / slave (Music-sensitive or auto)
    • Beamwidth: 15°
    • Adjustable tripod from 1.5m to 2m
    • Transport bag for the bar and footswitch and protective cover for tripod supplied.
    • Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 108 Watts
    • Fuse: F1,6A
    • Dimensions: 1032 x 70 x 235 mm
    • Net weight: 10,2 kg

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