DB Technologies Opera 110 Mobile

Battery powered active speaker "DB Opera 110 Mobile"The compact active OPERA 110 mobile loudspeaker with integrated mixer, optional wireless UHF receiver, and swtichable powering through the integrated A/C, 12V or normal 230V power supply. Maximum flexibility, easy to use with endless application possibilities. The specially designed power amplifier with auto-sleep mode allows powering, regardless of the volume level for up to 12 hours. There are inputs for mics, CD player, or laptop, which can be separately adjusted. For the voltage supply of a portable CD player or a slave unit, a power socket with adjustable voltage is available on the control panel.Multi-Purpose.

If you need several loudspeakers, you can drive as many OPERA 110 MOBILES as you like from only one transmitter, within the possible range of the transmitter. The range of the transmitter is between 70 and 100 m, heavily dependent on the environment. For longer distances the optional directional antenna set RDA 950 should be used for better operating reliability. With this, distances well above 100 m can be achieved. If the audio signal, as well as a microphone signal, applied to the first unit (e.g. CD) is to be sent to other OPERA 110 MOBILES, this can be achieved with the MS 110 set.
The optional RMS 110 master - slave set contains a directional antenna with integral transmitter for transmitting the complete audio signal from the first unit to other OPERA 110 MOBILES using a second carrier frequency. For simple connection there is both a low volt output with adjustable voltage between 3 - 12 volts and a mix output for 6.3 mm jack available.