BT S&S Big Yo-Yo

Electric Up-Down system for TV and monitor

Demonstration movie:

  • Lift up and down electric system. Maximum load up to 220lbs (100Kgs) 
  • Manufactured and assembled as for ISO: 9001 standard PATENT nr. 0001330426
  •  All the units are assembled using high quality material as:
    Anodyzed Aluminium 110 EN AW-6082/AlMg4Si 1 and Inox Steel 316
  •  All the articles carry CE nr. 2006/42/CE-93/68 CEE countermark.

Saliscendi BT BIg yo yo 1
Saliscendi BT BIg yo yo 3
Saliscendi BT BIg yo yo 2

Mechanical Features:
Side slide are maintenance exempt and mount a double prism ensuring a longer resistance and endurance.
Transmission by electrical reversible motors by 12V and 24V DC and llSV & 230V AC continue control.
Inox steel calipered shaft connections units by conical and epicycloidal cog reducing noise and vibrations.
Limited mechanical movement by adjustable microswitches with mechanical beat set in case of a unlikely failure.
TV screens support brackets are made in inox steel with pre-set holes suiting a specific television brand and model.
Maximum lifting capacity: up to 220 lbs (up to 100 kgs.).
Electrical Features:
Wiring fits inside a flexible and flameproof covering which avoids its compression and cut.
Manual or electrical rotation have safety dispositions: TV does not lower if it is not perfectly aligned.
Other important features:
- cogs and all moving parts are covered to prevent damage.
- all the electrical components fit in a waterproof box made in ABS IP 66.
- all the components are protected by a magnetothermical switch.
- built-in safety device to avoid polarity overloads or inversions.
- two ways switch operated pre-wired system (separated) or with two or four canals optional remote control, as for functions number.
- optional FREE SYSTEM SHOCK able to immediately stop the operational unit if submitted to a exceeding force.

Shipping and delivery:

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